SEPAWA Innovation award 2013

During the tnnual congress of SEPAWA (Specialist association for experts from the soap, perfume, cosmetics and detergent industries), which was held on 09.10 – 11.10.2013 in Fulda with over 2,100 participants, the first SEPAWA Innovation Awards for exceptional innovations in the fields of cosmetics, detergents/cleansers and perfume were presented.
A jury consisting of seven members, chaired by Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wittern, awarded prizes to a total of three proposals from the applications received.
The first prize was awarded to Symrise for the product SymSave ™. SymSave ™ is a new substance (hydroxyacetophenon) for the cosmetics and cleanser industries and has interesting multi-functional effects. SymSave ™ can improve the anti-microbial properties of cosmetic products. The product thereby meets the consumer’s basic need for safe products, even with reduced content of classic preservatives, which often face criticism by the public nowadays. Furthermore, the product also has an antioxidant and anti-irritant effect, which means it is suitable for use as an active substance in skin care, e.g. in the field of anti-ageing. The multi-functionality of this novel ingredient is topped off with its emulsion-stabilizing effect. As emulsions are one of the most used product types in the field of cosmetics, this is also an important feature for many manufacturers in terms of the storage stability of their products. Thanks to its versatile, market and demand-oriented effects, SymSave ™ can be widely used in the field of cosmetics as well as cleansers and thus carries significant economic potential.
A second prize was awarded to Provital for the product Melavoid ™. This product is an extract from the roots of a “miracle flower” with the Latin name of Boerhavia Diffusa. Thanks to its healing powers, this plant has long been used in traditional Indian medicine. It was only recently discovered that the root extract of Boerhavia Diffusa can lighten the skin. The mode of action is noteworthy: the biosynthesis of the enzyme tyrosinase, which catalyzes the formation of melanin in the skin, is reduced and lightening of the skin occurs. This novel extract can for example be used in products that reduce age-related pigmentation spots, which, based on demographic development, is of increasing importance. There is also great potential for skin lightening products, which are particularly popular in Asia.
A further second prize was awarded to Induchem for the product Neodermyl ™. This new combination of MG6P (methyl-glucoside-6-phosphate, manufactured in a patented biotechnological production process), a copper complex and essential amino acids acts as an “energy source”. The metabolic action of the fibroblasts is increased, which in turn results in an increased production of collagen and elastin in the skin. The relevant benefit for the consumer is visible reduction of lines and wrinkles. Neodermyl ™ can thus be used for anti-ageing products in the cosmetics field.