MolcareConsulting is a fullservice provider of skin tests by means of animal experiment-free efficacy tests and safety analyses.

We guarantee our customers, that we perform our analyses 100% animal experiment-free based on 3D skin models and cell culture assays.

Advisory service: We define together the target of your test or test series including the appropriate test methods. more >

Strategy: Based on your targets we design a detailled project plan and take control of the project management.more >

Testing: We pefrorm the aquired efficacy tests and safety tests according to OECD and other relevant  guidelines. more >

Analyses: We analyse the data aquired during testing and compile a detailled report.
Based on the raw data we generate the final report including the data interpretation required for your development purposes. more >

„Fullservice means, thet we accomapny you in all phases  throughout all testings. If desired, we collaborate in single phases of development with your team to reach the project´s goal.“