Analytical services

The testresults are consolidated with the goals of the projet in the data interprtation. The  targeted  data interpretation is the most important pert of the final report.

  1. Final report: Alldata aquired in the testings are summarized in the final report.
  2. The evaluation and Interpretation of the data are performed with respect to requirements of the customer and recent scientific information collected during the design of the project plan.
  3. Evaluation and Interpretation of data from gene expression profiling:In the first step the gene expression data are organised by hierarchical clustering to filter aignificantly regulated gene families. If desired the significanty regulated, selected gene families are analysed ba modern pathway analysis software to constitute the connections and relationships between the gene and metabolic pathways involved.

We compose and designe in close collaboration with you marketing-oriented In close collaboratiWe desogn and We design for your purpose in close collaborstion with you marketing-oriented presentation documents as well as product data sheets of legal certainty.

All testprocwdures are perform in  ISO 9001:2008 certificated conditions.