The strategic planning of testprojects is based on  five components:

  1. Definition of the target by aimed analsis of the question of the project.
  2. Literature research: to acchieve optimal performance of the tests according to the state of the art.
  3. Draft of the projectplan for the customer.
  4. Adaption of the projectplan with regards to budget and timeline.
  5. Proposal  for the animal experiment-free safety and efficacy testings according to established analytical procedures.

For the design of the plan for a successful project the following features are considered particularyly:

Ingredients: For a goal oriented testing the ingredients of the product  have to be defined. To fix the aims of the project, we collect and analyse the known information, published analyses and effects. These information are beeing assembled with the goals and queations of the project to develop the optimal project plan.

Scheduling: The time management of the project will be integrated in the milestones before, during and after process of product development.

Test methods: The appropriate methods differ depending on the goals of the testproject. The methods are assembled in teamwork with the customer to reach the results at the appropriate points of the time schedule.