Test methods

We perform  animalexperiment-free efficacytests and safetytests required. We perform the safeytestings according to OECD guidelines (431: corrosion, 439: irritaiton, 428: skin absorbtion) and efficacytestings according to the european directive EWG 1229/2009. Efficacytests of skin protectiing formulations are performed according to TRGS 403 (technical regulations for hazardous substances June 2008).

Our commitment for perfect performace of the testings is the use of accepted and moderrn technologies:

  1. Gene expression analysis
  2. Protein expression
  3. Protenquantification of secreted cytokines by ELISA
  4. Gene expression profiling by Array- and Chiptechology
  5. Analysis of metabolic pathways by modern pathway analysis software
  6. Quantitative Realtime RT-PCR
  7. Immunohistology
  8. Histology
  9. Quantification of histologies by computer assisted analysis of the microscopic images
  10. Radiation of cell cultures and skin models with UVA, UVB and UVC.

The tests are performed animalexperiment-free with cell culture and 3D skin models under         ISO 9001:2008 cerified conditions.

The test of substances on skin models is quick and close to human physiology. MolcareConsulting offers accompanying to the animalexperiment-free development of novel actives and ingredients accordung to your timescedule and budget the execution of the analyses using skin models as in vitro alternative for animal experiments.

We would be happy to orgenize for you tests using volunteers.